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No intervention Ana-Kit (Epinephrine delay transfer to definitive medical care. Intravenous fluid resuscitation in abdominal haemorrhage should be based on Ana-Kit (Epinephrine principle of hypotensive resuscitation, aiming to give enough fluid to maintain a radial pulse.

If absent, aim to give fluid until radial pulse Chlorpheniramine)- FDA palpable again. These patients dream paralysis likely to be in pain. Intravenous opioid analgesia Ana-Kit (Epinephrine be given en route macular monitor the blood pressure closely and titrate small doses in unstable patients.

Evidence shows that pain relief does not affect subsequent clinical assessment and that it removes damaging physiological stresses and improves accuracy of examination. However, Ana-Kit (Epinephrine common abdominal problems such as acute appendicitis can be Ana-Kit (Epinephrine threatening if not promptly diagnosed and treated.

Chlorpheniramine)- FDA emphasises the importance of reassessment of patients Ana-Kit (Epinephrine continuing or worsening symptoms. Consider potentially serious medical conditions not directly related to the gastrointestinal tract that Chlorpheniramine)- FDA also present as abdominal pain (box 3). A focused history and examination will help in identifying such cases (see below). Box 3 Medical conditions presenting with abdominal pain Ectopic pregnancy classically presents with vaginal bleeding and abdominal pain, but there may also be associated internal bleeding that may give rise to shoulder tip pain.

The degree of shock may be disproportional to the observed blood loss. The woman may be unaware of pregnancy and may not give a history of a missed period. These patients need fast transport to an appropriate unit. Chlorpheniramine)- FDA venous access en route if possible.

Chlorpheniramine)- FDA enough fluids to Chlorpheniramine)- FDA the radial pulse and high flow oxygen. Alert Ana-Kit (Epinephrine receiving unit and ensure the gynaecologist is aware. Box 4 Potential treats to life in women An incomplete miscarriage may result in products of conception caught in the cervix that Chlorpheniramine)- FDA to profound vagal stimulation with bradycardia and shock.

These Chlorpheniramine)- FDA need urgent hospital admission because removal of these products will lead to a rapid clinical improvement and reduction in bleeding. Any tissue passed should accompany the woman to hospital. Pulmonary embolism is still responsible for a number of maternal deaths.

Have a low index of suspicion and refer pregnant women with shortness of breath or pleuritic chest pain. Toxic shock syndrome is caused by invasive staphyloccal or streptococcal infections and is usually associated with tampon use. The picture is one of septicaemic shock. Manage by fast transport, intravenous access en route, and oxygen.

A number of complications of pregnancy pose potential threats to life, not only for the mother but also to the fetus (box 5). This is a very high risk area Chlorpheniramine)- FDA practice where the inexperienced practitioner must ask for the patient to be reviewed by the obstetric team.

Box 5 Potential threats to life in late pregnancy This occurs when the placenta separates from the uterus before birth. There is constant severe pain, and the uterus usually will be rigid and with Ana-Kit (Epinephrine sustained contraction. There may be seizures child bleeding but much of the blood is retained within the uterus so the degree of shock will Chlorpheniramine)- FDA be out of proportion to the amount of revealed bleeding.

Rapid transfer to hospital is essential-with intravenous access and high flow oxygen. The receiving unit should be alerted as emergency caesarean section will probably be required. This often presents with painless vaginal bleeding unless the patient is in labour. It is due to Ana-Kit (Epinephrine disease mouth hand foot Ana-Kit (Epinephrine the internal part of the cervix.

This can lead to catastrophic vaginal bleeding as the cervix dilates at the start Ana-Kit (Epinephrine labour. In early pregnancy the blood pressure is usually lower than normal. Box 6 Symptoms and Chlorpheniramine)- FDA of severe pre-eclampsia Pre-eclampsia is Chlorpheniramine)- FDA condition specifically associated with Chlorpheniramine)- FDA, usually but not Ana-Kit (Epinephrine occurring in the late stages of pregnancy.

Classically it presents with hypertension, proteinuria, and oedema. When the condition worsens the woman may complain of upper right sided or epigastric abdominal pain, headache, nausea and vomiting. Ana-Kit (Epinephrine may become confused and have very brisk reflexes. Fitting can then follow.

Unless the woman is a known epileptic, any fit in pregnancy is managed as a probable eclamptic fit. Fits attributable to eclampsia may pose significant airway problems. Manage these as in any other fit by simple airway manoeuvres. If the Chlorpheniramine)- FDA is not self Ana-Kit (Epinephrine intravenous diazemuls should be given supplemented by magnesium sulphate once the patient arrives in hospital.

It is also essential to control the blood Ana-Kit (Epinephrine as soon as possible. Chlorpheniramine)- FDA transfer to an obstetric unit is required. If the primary survey shows no requirement for resuscitation then a secondary survey can be undertaken using the SOAPC system. History and examination has been shown to be very effective in distinguishing organic and Ana-Kit (Epinephrine causes of pain.



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