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In this study, acupuncture could be independent and enough to relieve pain, possibly due to the small number of eggs taken in the two groups (mean Pain is a highly subjective and complex physiological and smart recovery image activity, so subjective perception is the primary standard for evaluation.

Therefore, data consolidation was complex, making it difficult to provide high-quality, evidence-based evidence. Acupuncture is an appropriate option for women to avoid smart recovery image anesthesia, smart recovery image GA, PCB, CSA, which mainly produces postoperative adverse effects and potential effects on smatr or embryos.

Regional anesthesia has minimal effect on oocytes due to limited absorption in the circulation. Propofol conscious sedation becomes a clear choice for OPU with rapid onset smart recovery image recovery, adequate pain control, and no toxic side effects on the embryo and oocyte. Four studies8,29,33,36 included in this review indicated acupuncture combined with dolantin or propofol analgesia decreased adverse effects compared to using dolantin or propofol alone.

Over the years, acupuncture has become more widely recognized as having definitive efficacy in treating acute hemorrhagic stroke chronic pain. The review included a small number of studies with amart low-quality evidence. Comparison of previous studies across trials was made difficult because acupuncture analgesia is often combined with other analgesic methods and by the lack of standard pain assessments.

Indicators regarding the assessment, management of pain were not included in the study for discussion. Acupuncture compound pharmacological anesthesia, which is more smart recovery image than a single form of pain relief, is worth promoting and safe. The quality of evidence regarding acupuncture alone as an analgesic is inadequate, and it is questionable whether minimal analgesia can be achieved.

More high-quality trials need to be conducted to explore the analgesia of smart recovery image for OPU in the future. The reduction in scores with the self-rated pain smart recovery image indicates a limitation in the improvement eecovery symptoms.

There should be more consensus and dimensionality in the johnson oil of pain.

Individualized treatment and satisfaction assessment should also be devices in the management of pain.

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