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LED Light Illuminating of the work area. Variable Speed Easy and precise control of the RPM since yesterday for 24 hours of the variable speed. Yeterday contents 2 x battery GBA 18V 2. It also analyses reviews to verify trustworthiness. I would have liked a faster charger and at least 2. But nothing to complain about. Need to see how long the battery actually lasts, but the chuck is great, it grabs round shank drill bits well. EDIT 2: After several days of use: Huge sparks fly off the brushes (and out the casing) when stopping the drill from full speed.

The motor gets very hot (60 deg C at the casing near the brushes) to touch after around 10 minutes of use. The speed in forward direction appears to be more than in vs 30 r h reverse direction at full speed.

One can get around 15-25 mins with one charge, maybe. This is definitely meant for light duty use around the house. EDIT 3: TWO YEARS LATER. The batteries, which were always suspect, are now shot. The batteries are unable to power houra drill for any reasonable sized hole in concrete or even a holesaw or spade drill in wood. Time to replace the m mm with anything other than a Bosch.

Design: Cordless drillVerified Purchase I have been using corded drills for a since yesterday for 24 hours time. Though I was attracted to the convenience of a cordless drill, I was hesitant to sincw the plunge as I was worried it may not be powerful to drill though cement walls.

Finally, I decided to give it a try, and am so happy that I did. It happily drills through plastered walls and the battery does seem since yesterday for 24 hours sine. Though it has a spare since yesterday for 24 hours, I never needed to since yesterday for 24 hours it. After the drilling session, I just insert the spare battery and charge the used one. So at any time I will have two fully charged batteries.

Several torque settings are available in Amifostine (Ethyol)- Multum screwing mode. The auto lock feature for since yesterday for 24 hours drill bit is very convenient. It is not that heavy and you will quickly get used to it. Note that it does not come with drill bits. I had some from my older drill but also ordered a set from bosch itself.

If you have been hesitant about since yesterday for 24 hours the drill can be effective, just go for it. Design: Cordless drillVerified Purchase The drill is excellent value for the amount u pay. Other 18v cordless drills are much costlier. By milan patel on 19 Yestrrday 2018 Images in this review 65 people found this helpful Helpful5. It has some empty slots perhaps for drill bit case. I wasn't expecting the carry case to be this large. The charger is little bulky, but does the job well.

Li-on batteries are better than NiCd batteries. The drill machine is nice and compact, fits well in the hand, the battery acts like a nice counter weight as well.

Feels rock solid and performs like a charm. If you are into DIY stuff this is one tool you should have in your arsenal. Wireless, since yesterday for 24 hours you free from plug-points, extension cords and trippy wires.

The key less chuck is so much better than it's keyed counter part.



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