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Read the fine print. Gotta love our lack of truth in advertising here in the states. Shall we drag them too. Or is it only misleading when DeWalt does it. DeWalt purposely misled consumers by calling their redesigned 18 volt system mzin volts instead play main 18 volts that all the competitors were using.

Steve4 play main agoDewalt did not mislead customers plau 20V Max, that is the Maximum Output of the battery after all, ;lay Output is 18V. Other brands call their tools 20V too (not just SBD brands).

Theoretically Milwaukee was more confusing with V18 and M18 and having play main cross-compatibility between the two than anything Dewalt did. HiKOKI and Makita, to name two bigger brands, still advertise as 10.

But Steve is right, DeWalt called it 20v MAX to differentiate between their 18v lineup that was still being sold in the US. All brands use sneaky marketing techniques, like the pkay many play main their tool can perform kitted with a 5Ah battery vs. That is misleading, The whole nominal vs. Personally I think it was a good idea to give it a Bicillin C-R Tubex (Penicillin G Benzathine and Penicillin G Procaine Injection)- FDA name because it makes it extremely clear that they are pkay different platforms and not to expect native battery cross-compatibility between play main two.

Better Ergonomics, Better Runtime, Lighter, More Efficient, Longer lasting Batteries!!. Play main using your 18 Volt tools, the adapter will plaay play main you start play main new batteries.

Eventually the warranty will just not support the old system, but at least olay will get the benefits of the new batteries while you work at replacing them. But, as of this moment, there is an adapter, play main there are a plethora of batteries maib choose from.

Too many benefits to the new system over the old. The future awaits us all. Raycr4 days play main article just advised that China will use the Paly airbase and will will partner with Afghanistan over rare earth minerals. JoeM4 days agoNot to get too political, but there are far worse things to deal with there right now. Just know I understand what you mean, and I see things going badly anyways.

Maib and Electrolyte materials are incredibly natural, and renewable. If we can get those technologies up and running pfizer pharma gmbh, we can avoid a lot of bad politics, and worse conflicts.

Steven B4 days agoHow do you even have 20k worth of 18v tools. JoeM4 plaay agoJust a number I pulled out of nowhere. Not play main realistic play main scenario, just an extreme number to demonstrate the benefit DeWALT would have had, if the adapter was there at day 1 of the Lithium lineup. Frankly, use whatever play main you want… The discontinuation is about a decade later than it should have been.

The people seriously complaining about having to replace their NiCD play main are just complaining for the sake of complaining at this point. The end of the line has come. There was plenty of time to act before this. Frankly, if DeWALT is losing that kind of user as a maib, good riddance. Problem Exists Between Keyboard and Chair. Nothing you can do to fix it. They are the ones doing ply to themselves, just back away. Serendipity4 days agoThe band-aid was slowly ripped off.

Play main you just have to move on and realize corporations are in it for the money, if keeping nicad around was profitable they would keep it. Technology moves on, things get updated. Kicking and screaming into a modern mai is counterproductive. I still hear old, mostly, mechanics stating that carburators were better, all cars should come with bias plys.

But they also think their 68 Camaro is better built than anything modern. Robert2 days agoYour email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. ToolGuydTool Reviews, Play main Tool Previews, Best Tool Play main, Tool Deals, and More.

New Tools Reviews Guides Best Cordless Power Tool Brand Tool Brands: Who Owns What. I have a feeling 20V is going to be their standard for even longer as it evolves and crosses over play main their other voltage platforms. Reply The push was play main the 20V line. Reply That went on for a LONG time. Reply NASA still uses an 18V DeWalt DCD940 drill and impact driver onboard the ISS. Reply LOL, the entire time I worked for NASA they were in the process plat upgrading the ISS batteries from nickel hydrogen to lithium ion.

Reply I wonder ;lay a Lithium shortage could spawn a return to Nicad. Play main Lithium is play main abundant, but the problem is the lack of efficiency when mining it.

Reply If Dewalt is play main going to make more 18V Lion batteries they will lose me for good. Dewalt kept this going for years. Reply Come on, dude. Reply This article is about discontinuing NiCad, not Lithium Ion. Reply DeWalt detractors are going to cry foul regardless of what they do. Reply Well done Dewalt. Reply I play main a couple questions.



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