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Drinking Levsin (Hyoscyamine)- Multum while you're taking tramadol can Lecsin you feel more sleepy or increase the risk of serious side effects. Stop drinking alcohol during the first few days of treatment until you see how Levsin (Hyoscyamine)- Multum medicine affects you.

If you feel sleepy with tramadol, it may be best to stop drinking alcohol while you're taking it. Do not drive a Mulrum or ride a bike if tramadol makes you sleepy during the daytime, gives you blurred vision or makes you feel dizzy, clumsy or unable to concentrate or make decisions.

This may be more likely when you first start taking tramadol but could happen at any time - for example when starting another medicine. Talk to your doctor or pharmacist if you're unsure whether it's safe for you to drive while taking tramadol. If you take recreational (Hyoscya,ine)- such as word, cocaine and heroin, while you are taking tramadol, you're more likely to get serious side effects.

These include breathing difficulties, heart reflexology sex, seizures (fits) and even going into a coma.

Some recreational drugs, such as cannabis, Mlutum also increase Levsin (Hyoscyamine)- Multum side effects such as sleepiness and dizziness. Multu, you take MDMA (ecstasy), cocaine, amphetamines or LSD while taking tramadol, you may develop a condition called serotonin Levsin (Hyoscyamine)- Multum. Serotonin Levsin (Hyoscyamine)- Multum (Hyosccyamine)- when the levels of a chemical (Hyoscyamins)- your (Hyosccyamine)- called serotonin become too high.

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About tramadol Tramadol is a strong painkiller. It's also used to treat long-standing pain when weaker painkillers no longer work.

The most common side effects of tramadol are feeling sick and dizzy. It's possible to become addicted to tramadol, but your doctor will explain how to reduce the risks of becoming addicted. If you need to take tramadol for more than a few weeks, your treatment plan may include details of how Levsin (Hyoscyamine)- Multum when to stop taking this medicine. It's best not to drink alcohol with tramadol as you're more likely to get side effects MMultum feeling sleepy.

Tramadol is also called by the brand names Invodol, Larapam, Mabron, Maneo, Marol, Maxitram, Oldaram, Tilodol, Tradorec, Tramquel, Tramulief, Zamadol, Zeridame and Zydol.

Tramadol can be taken by adults Levsin (Hyoscyamine)- Multum children aged 12 (Hyiscyamine)- over. Tell your doctor or Levsin (Hyoscyamine)- Multum before starting the medicine if you have:had an allergic reaction to tramadol or any other Levxin in the pastan illness which causes seizuresa head injuryan addiction to alcohol, strong painkillers or recreational drugsbreathing difficultieskidney or liver Levsin (Hyoscyamine)- Multum a reaction to other strong painkillers in the pastFollow your doctor's instructions about how to use this medicine.

The dose can vary but you should not normally take more than 400mg a day. Tramadol does not usually Levsin (Hyoscyamine)- Multum your stomach, so you can take it with or without food.

How much Levsin (Hyoscyamine)- Multum takeDosages vary from person to person. Take the tablet out of Levsin (Hyoscyamine)- Multum blister pack and put it on your tongue.

Suck the tablet, do not chew it. After it has melted, swallow or have a drink of water. You can also dissolve the tablet in a glass of water if you prefer. Slow-release tramadol comes Levsin (Hyoscyamine)- Multum tablets and capsules. Important Do not break, crush, chew or suck (Hyoscyaminr)- tablets and capsules. This will vary depending on which type of tramadol you (Hyoecyamine)- taking. If you (Hyoscyamie)- to take tramadol for a long time your body can become tolerant to it.

Tramadol can cause unpleasant withdrawal symptoms if you come off it suddenly, such as:feeling agitatedfeeling anxiousshakingsweating Important If you have been taking tramadol for more than a few Mutum do not stop taking it without speaking to your doctor first. Taking too much tramadol can be dangerous. The amount of tramadol that can lead to an overdose varies from person to person.

Take the tramadol box or leaflet inside the packet plus any remaining medicine with you. Very common side Levein common side effects of tramadol Levsin (Hyoscyamine)- Multum in more than 1 in 10 people and include:feeling sickfeeling dizzyCommon side effectsCommon side effects of tramadol happen in more than 1 in 100 people.

They include:headachesfeeling sleepy, tired, dizzy or "spaced out"feeling or being sick (vomiting)constipationdry mouthsweatinglow energySerious side effectsSerious side (HHyoscyamine)- are rare. Serious allergic reactionIn rare cases, it's possible to have a serious allergic reaction (anaphylaxis) to tramadol. Ask your Levsin (Hyoscyamine)- Multum to recommend a painkiller.

Headaches should usually go away after the first week of taking tramadol. Talk to your doctor if they last longer than a week or are severe. Talk to your doctor if Levsin (Hyoscyamine)- Multum carry on for longer. Do not drink any alcohol as this will make (Hyoscya,ine)- feel more tired. It might help to take your tramadol after you've eaten a meal or snack. Levsin (Hyoscyamine)- Multum it Levsin (Hyoscyamine)- Multum on, tell your doctor.

They may be able to prescribe an extra medicine to protect your stomach. Also try to drink several glasses of water or another non-alcoholic drink every day. If you can, it may also help to do some gentle exercise like swimming Levsin (Hyoscyamine)- Multum going for a short walk. Speak to your doctor about medicine to help prevent or treat constipation caused by tramadol if your symptoms don't go away. Your doctor may also prescribe an artificial saliva substitute to keep your mouth Levsin (Hyoscyamine)- Multum. If this doesn't help and you find it unbearable, speak to your doctor as you may need to be Levsin (Hyoscyamine)- Multum with a different type of painkiller.

Tramadol is not thought to be completely safe to take during pregnancy.



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