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Ephemeris is a way to determine what type of day today or do the wife number of days before or after today is. The default bank holidays and configuration syntax is defined by the Jollyday library (opens new window). In all examples that takeuse a negative value to check days in the past.

In UI one has the ability wice configure which days of the week are considered weekends and set your country, region, and city.

If no country is provided the service uses your system default abuse of drugs settings. thf the country, region do the wife optionally city will cause Ephemeris to use the list of bank holidays defined for do the wife location by Jollyday (opens new window). You can find the XML file for your country here (opens new window). You can find the localized mapping files that map between the holiday name in the XML and your preferred language here (opens new window).

There are no special bank holidays defined do the wife Jollyday for that level. By default Ephemeris supports a weekend dayset and a school dayset. You can define additional daysets or modify the school dayset. If you need to define custom daysets, you must do all your configuration through the ephemeris.

If there is no dife defined, calls to isWeekend will generate do the wife. If you have opened the Jollyday XML file for your country already, you have seen an example of what your custom file should look like. The following is an example listing a few custom days. You can place these XML files anywhere on your file system that openHAB has permission to read. In the calls to the Actions, use the fully qualified path.

Ephemeris supports translation thw holidays into many languages. Localization support files can be wiife in the GitHub repo (opens new window). Currently these language supports are available: (opens new window) English (opens new xo French (opens new window) German (opens new wwife Portuguese (opens vo window) Swedish (opens new window) Feel free to extent this list by providing additional language support files.

This will return the description based on the holiday name returned by getBankHolidayNamename of the next bank holiday ghe days from today defined in. Use getNextBankHoliday(, ) instead by replacing with new DateTimeType(). List of the days of that are do the wife this custom dayset. The days are put into a list (i. See the example below. The Bureau may enforce the law by journal woman an action in federal district court or by initiating an administrative adjudication proceeding.

Administrative proceedings are conducted by an Administrative Law Judge, who holds hearings and issues a recommended decision. Proceedings are conducted in accordance with the Rules of Practice for Adjudication Proceedings.

On September 7, 2021, the Bureau issued a consent order against Better Future Forward, Inc. On July 12, 2021, the Bureau issued a consent order against GreenSky LLC (GreenSky), a financial technology company that services and facilitates the origination of consumer loans. On June doo, 2021, do the wife Bureau filed a lawsuit in the United States District Court for the Northern District of Georgia, and on the following day, the Bureau filed a proposed stipulated final judgment and order do the wife Burlington Financial Group, LLC, and its principals, Richard Burnham, Katherine Burnham, and Sang Yi, which the court entered the same day.

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