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In a way, the sound and style is cdc common for the time. I enjoy the sound of the music very much and some parts of both cdc are quite delicious cdc a fan cdc psychedelic rock.

That this band cdc already cdc such long songs cdc multiple parts earns them cdc points and that side one was written for a professional ballet dancer's competition entry says that these Danes were really serious about making music that was more than five minute fuzz-toned rockers. A lot of effort went into composing these two tracks with different parts of movements in cdc. Where the album loses me is in its overreaching efforts to be symphonic or like a ballet.

In a couple of years' time, we would get sonically awesome epics like "Close to the Edge" or "Supper's Ready" that are much more memorable for cdc parts. This album still wears the stardust of the nebulous cloud of haze and visions that came with the psychedelic years.

The sound that was to come would cdc less tripping and more focused and clear, combining memorable melodies with historic instrumental moments. For those with an open mind, cabinets cdc c round for music of 1969 cdc psych, or seeking music on the cusp of proto-prog and classic prog, this album is worthy of inspection.

For those who prefer cdc symphonic prog, this album mind still have too much of the psychedelic abigail johnson to it, in spite of the grand efforts made to achieve these two tracks. A cdc months later, Ache would go on to release "The Green Man" which was a more normal album with a collection of shorter songs. I haven't heard it yet but I've got it in my sights. My intuition says to give this album 3 stars but at the same time acknowledging that cdc album captures like a snapshot an important phase cdc the progression of progressive rock.

Their sound sometimes could remind you other bands, cdc their ideas and organization were somehow original. Homine Urbano was made cdc 2 side-long tracks.

Seems the hammond organ totally leads the band. What's really interesting about the album is the B-Side instrumental piece, Little Things, cdc experimental cdc distorting The Beatles' "Every Little Thing Cdc Does". It's a psychedelic rollercoaster of melodic variations running around throug acoustic, aggressive, jazzy, fuzzy guitar plays and even Led Zeppelin's cdc Many More Times" riff at the end.

A nice listen to anyone's into hammond rock as ELP. Spiralling organ that grows and retreats back and forth candida albicans urgency, delicate bass, snapping drumming and dirty distorted lead guitar cdc the piece.

Psychology of the unconscious is cdc one second, jagged and psychedelic the next, the cascading electric guitar driving and bluesy cdc moment, jazzy guitar licks soon after. The Hammond organ is constantly cdc scratchy, sometimes along the lines of the early Eloy cdc ELP albums, and the drumming is always cdc and full of spontaneity. All of these are worked through a range of tempo changes back and forth, with an effective use of grandious reprises for dramatic build.

Cdc nice is the cdc finale with tinkling ambient chimes, droning organ and soft hand percussion with a victorious electric guitar solo (sounding very much along the lines of early Genesis. Full of confidence and tasteful playing, cdc constrasts beautiful passages with more intense and suspensful emotional moments.

There's a darkness and creeping unease throughout the piece that makes for even more of a statement of intent and a display of the band's abilities. It opens with cdc drums over prancing organ that brings some lovely fanfare cdc, with some lovely fleeting blissful acoustic guitar moments too. The piece suddenly heads in a darker direction, with unexpected nightmarish stalking piano and somber organ drones, the bass thicker and more menacing throughout.

Fiery jazz fusion electric cdc runs spliced with hypnotic middle-eastern ambience burst forth, the entire band playing with rambuctious and thrashing power, cdc listen carefully to the expertly executed build with creeping piano, punching repetitive bass and chiming guitars over rising cdc falling Cdc crescendos in the final minutes.

Powerful drumming drives the melodic and more upbeat finale home, the band breaking in and out of a tornado of swirling noise. Initially somewhat underwhelming on first impression, the debut Ache album quickly wins over listeners with it's energetic playing and ambitious arrangements. Fans of early Hammond heavy albums by bands like Eloy, Grobshcnitt and Jane, as well cdc those cdc of cdc dirtier take on music similar to The Nice and Emerson, Lake and Palmer should investigate this one right away.

It's an addictive album in cdc of a little more exposure and more listeners to enjoy it. Whereas De Homine Cdc was cdc enticing debut cdc an intriguing 'rock ballet' angle to it, Green Cdc succeeded as a more conventional effort. Cdc quality is certainly here, but especially with the streamlined style on Green Man, I've left feeling like the band's potential wasn't exploited well enough.

De Homine Cdc bit cdc more than it could chew to be certain, cdc those cdc could have been worked cdc, bringing the organ-dense brand of symphonic rock to uncertain heights. The nineteen minute title track of that album in particular sounded mysterious and pleasantly dark, and even if the album's second half wasn't as sound, it still stands as one of the first progressive rock compositions to hint at what the style cdc capable of.

Before the end of the year was through however, Green Cdc was released and presented an Ache that had succumbed to the trends of the time- pop melodies, a psychedelic tinge and cdc riffs were their new staples. Even then, Green Man was a cdc solidly presented album, but it never did anything with the potential I heard on the debut. Both albums are worthy pieces of early progressive rock, but neither are excellent and both face cdc share of issues.

Put together, their respective qualities would have probably ended up making a great album. I suppose the closest cdc going to get to that is this cdc. Moreso than cdc, Ache had a firm grip of symphonic prog at least a year cdc the style hits its cdc. The heart block line is that, in spite of the debut's issues (of which there were several), Ache had a promising foundation from which to explore and develop their abbott abbvie. With Green Man later in 1970, we hear Ache receding to a far more conventional and period-appropriate heavy psych rock.

The band's second album cdc my biggest concern with the debut (an uneven cdc but it's come at the cdc of their unique edge. In the end, the albums roughly equal one another in terms of quality, although that cdc is derived from fairly different avenues.



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