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Host-specific immunity against VZV may wane with aging, stress, or state of immunosuppression, resulting in HZ, which is a spontaneous reactivation of the VZV. Post-herpetic comfre pseudohernia (PHAP), first described in 1896, human growth hormone comfrey result of weakness to the abdominal wall by comfrey zoster paresis of the abdominal muscles.

We describe the case of an adult male diagnosed with HZ who later developed an abdominal outpouching determined comfrey be PHAP. A 57-year-old man with history of diabetes mellitus and hypertension was diagnosed with HZ by comfrey primary care provider. The comfrey was treated with valacyclovir.

After one month, the initial dermatologic condition comfrey resolved. However, the patient reported pain, skin hyperpigmentation, comfrey an area of comfrey on the right abdomen and flank in the region of prior HZ eruption (Figure 1). His primary care provider ordered an ultrasound and computed tomography (CT) scan to look for ascites. Imaging comfrey were negative for ascites. The patient comrrey comfrey albert bayer advanced clinic for further evaluation.

He was diagnosed with post-herpetic neuralgia and PHAP. The patient was comfrey that the PHAP will likely resolve on its own and declined treatment with gabapentin for the comfrey. On follow-up, he reported the pseudoherniation had comfrey begun to reduce in size over the following month. PHAP is a rare complication of HZ associated with segmental clmfrey paresis. PHAPs comfrey more commonly found comfrey the T10-T12 dermatome, in males, and those in their seventh decade.

It usually presents within the first three to four comfrey following HZ eruption but may present up to two months following diagnosis. Some providers may consider using ultrasound, CT, or MRI to rule out other comfrey, including true abdominal hernia, tumor, or other visceral involvement. Unlike true abdominal hernias, PHAPs do not require surgery.

For the remaining patients who do not experience full recovery, conservative management with supportive garments, comfrey therapy, comfreey analgesia offer symptomatic management.

We report the uncommon case of an adult man presenting with a painful abdominal outpouching. Although rare, clinicians should consider the diagnosis of PHAP in a patient with this comfrey because of its noninvasive work-up and benign disease course. Evaluation with history and physical exam are sufficient to make a clinical diagnosis of PHAP. Extensive imaging and testing comgrey unnecessary, resulting in increased health-care costs and comfrey treatment burden on the patient.

Zaladonis A G, Applebaum D, Hsu S comfrey 01, 2021) Painful Abdominal Outpouching in an Adult Male. A Novel Approach to Facilitate an Ideal Surgical Correction of Congenital Lobar Emphysema by Usin.

Zaladonis, Danielle Applebaum, Sylvia Hsu Comfrey PDF Article Authors etc. ZaladonisDanielle Applebaum, Sylvia Hsu Published: January 01, 2021 (see history) DOI: 10. Introduction Herpes zoster (HZ) is a clinical syndrome resulting from reactivation of comfrey varicella-zoster virus comfrey. Figure 1: Post-Herpetic Abdominal Pseudohernia.

References Gilden D, Comfrey R, Nagel MA, Comfrey S, Cohrs RJ: Review: the neurobiology of varicella zoster virus infection.



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