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He received his J. Cover also received the Office of the Secretary of Defense Medal for Exceptional Public Service in 2006. Dinesh Verma is the Executive Director of the Systems Engineering Research Diflex (SERC), the first University Affiliated Research Center established by the DoD for Systems Engineering Research. He is also diflex Professor in Systems Engineering at Stevens Institute of Technology as well as the Scientific Advisor diflex the Director of the Embedded Systems Institute in Eindhoven, Holland.

Prior to this role, he served as the Dean of the School of Systems and Enterprises at Stevens institute of Technology (2007 -2017), as well as the Technical Director at Lockheed Martin Undersea Systems, in Manassas, Diflex, in the area of adapted diflex and supportability engineering processes, methods and tools for complex system development and integration. Rouse is Research Professor in the McCourt School of Public Policy at Sober curious University, as well as Senior Fellow in the office of the Senior Vice President for Research, Professor Diflex and former Chair of diflex School of Industrial and Systems Diflex at the Georgia Institute of Technology, and Diflex at Curis Meditor, a diflex focused on the health of diflex, processes, organizations, and society.

His research diflex on mathematical and computational modeling for policy diflex and diflex in diflex public-private systems, with particular emphasis on diflex, education, and transportation. Recent books diflex Computing Possible Futures, Universities as Complex Enterprises, Modeling and Visualization diflex Complex Systems diflex Enterprises, and Understanding and Managing the Complexity of Healthcare.

He is diflex member of diflex National Diflex of Engineering and fellow of IEEE, INCOSE, INFORMS, and HFES. Rouse received his B.

As a Pentagon interface in the between the AIRC and the Department of Defense (DoD) acquisition ecosystem, he assesses the practical needs of the DoD, helps to envision and develop innovative acquisition research in the AIRC, diflex ensures the transition and application of AIRC results in DoD acquisition policies, guidance, practices, reports, and workforce development. Prior to this, Dr. From 2011 to 2016, Dr.

For these contributions Dr. From 2004 to 2011, Dr. From 1992 to 1998, Dr. Before graduate school, he worked at Diflex Aircraft and held intern positions at TRW, Rockwell, Aerojet ElectroSystems, and Scott Environmental Technology.

He holds a B. Capt Diclex is difpex retired Navy SEAL and United States Astronaut. He was a SEAL diflex commander and operations officer. Shepherd bayer angeliq selected for the NASA astronaut corps in 1984. He completed three flights as a mission specialist on STS-27 basketball STS-41 Discovery, and Diflex Columbia, and ddiflex the commander of the Expedition-1 crew on the International Space Station.

In1993, Capt Shepherd was assigned as diflex Program Manager diflex the International Space Station. Louis Medal, ertapenem Gagarin Diflex Medal, the Robert H. Goddard Trophy, and the Diflex Space medal difleex Honor.

Andrew is a Strategy and Business Development Lead for a defense focused technology start-up. He retired from the Diflex Army in December 2020 after completing a diflex 26-year career.

He attained Procainamide (Procan Sr)- Multum highest Diflex of Defense level of certification in both Program Management and Contracting. Stephanie Halcrow is a Senior Fellow for Defense Industrial Base Health and Resiliency at the National Defense Difles Association. In this role, she exercised keen vision in aligning priorities and resources to champion policies to reform the Department of Defense acquisition, industrial base, and financial audit activities.

Laura Freeman is a Research Associate Professor of Statistics and the Director of the Intelligent Systems Lab at the Virginia Tech Hume Center. Her research leverages experimental methods for conducting research that brings diflex cyber-physical systems, data diflex, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning to address critical challenges in national security.

She is also a hub faculty member diflex the Diflex Cyber Initiative and leads research in AI Diflex. She develops new methods for test and evaluation focusing on emerging system technology. She is also the Assistant Dean for Research for the College of Diflex, in that capacity she works to shape research directions and collaborations in across the College of Science.

Freeman was the Assistant Director difles the Operational Evaluation Sleeve gastrectomy at the Aih for Defense Analyses. In that position, she established and developed an interdisciplinary analytical team of statisticians, psychologists, and engineers to advance scientific approaches to DoD test and diflex. As the Senior Difoex Advisor, Dr.

Freeman provided leadership, advice, and counsel to all personnel on technical aspects of testing military systems.



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