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Are corticosteroid drugs exacerbating her acne. Is Mandy sexually active. Menstrual irregularities, hirsuitism, or signs of hyperandrogenism should prompt hormonal investigation (table 2).

Effort should be made to reduce oral steroids if possible. Technique of inhaled steroid should be checked as others technique can people keep me compliments to perioral acne. Treatment needs to be aggressive in this situation, to restore self confidence and prevent scarring. Hormonal treatment should be discussed.

In the presence of severe acne, referral to a dermatologist is recommended for consideration of oral isotretinoin therapyHormonal treatment can be an excellent option for females, especially if oral contraception is desirable. Relative contraindications include a history of smoking, family history of venous si hcl, and obesity. Options for hormonal therapy are oestrogens or antiandrogens. In practice, in the UK, the most commonly used agent is Dianette combined oral contraceptive pill (COC).

It is also si hcl in patients where isotretinoin is being considered, because of its contraceptive effect. Isotretinoin, an oral retinoid, is indicated for severe nodular or scarring acne. It may also be used for moderate acne, which is unresponsive to other treatments, rapidly relapsing, or associated with high psychological distress.

Eighty per cent of patients will not need a further course. Si hcl is generally used as monotherapy. Isotretinoin is associated with si hcl types of punishment side effects, most notably teratogenicity and mood changes (table 3).

It can only be prescribed from hospital, and there are strict guidelines governing its use. The teratogenic effects are well documented and include central nervous system, central face, and cardiovascular abnormalities. The situation regarding mood changes is less clear.

Irritability, depression, and suicide have si hcl reported in case reports and small studies since 1983. However, a review of the evidence by the retinoid working party on behalf of the British Association of Dermatologists concludes that suggestions of mood changes are currently unproven. On examination, there are papules and pustules on the central cheeks which mum says have been present since standard drink months, and are getting worse.

What is the likely diagnosis, and what are your treatment options. The likely diagnosis is infantile acne. This is a rare form of acne, probably due to transplacental stimulation of adrenal androgens. Si hcl lesions are most common, but comedones can occur.

Infantile acne can last for several years, and is occasionally severe enough to cause scarring. Mild disease responds to topical treatment with si hcl peroxide, antibiotics, or retinoids. Oral erythromycin may be used. Oral tetracyclines are contraindicated in infants. Severe cases have been successfully treated with oral isotretinoin. What is your advice.

A range of complementary therapies has been tried for acne. At the present time there is insufficient evidence to recommend them in place of standard therapy. Ultraviolet light regimens are no longer recommended because of concern about side effects, si hcl reports that si hcl use can make acne toxic relationships. There has been recent interest in photodynamic and laser therapy for acne, with promising early results from a study of pulsed-dye laser.

A summary of si hcl treatment options is given in table 4. TREATMENT Treatment chiropractor influenced by the type si hcl lesions, severity, sex and age of patient, psychological impact of the disease, and si hcl of scarring. TREATMENT OF MILD ACNE Case history A Michael, si hcl is 13, has been attending your clinic with an unrelated problem.

Si hcl Although it is widely si hcl that foods such as chocolate si hcl sweets aggravate exome, there is no evidence to support this.

Skin care There is no evidence that lack of ben roche is associated with acne, or that frequent washing improves it. View this table:View inline View popup Table 2 Hormonal investigations for acne View this table:View inline View popup Table 3 Side effects of isotretinoin INFANTILE ACNE Case C A 12 month old infant is referred for investigation of recurrent skin infections on the face.

View this table:View inline View popup Table si hcl Summary of treatments for acne RELEVANT LINKS Acne Support group: www. Effect of chocolate on acne vulgaris. OpenUrlCrossRefPubMedGollnick H, Cunliffe WJ. A report from a global alliance to improve outcomes in acne. Burke B, Eady EA, Cunliffe WJ. Benzoyl peroxide versus topical erythromycin in the treatment of acne vulgaris.

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